Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas commercials have been popping up more and more even before Halloween. It seems like people may have even forgot about Thanksgiving, which happens to be one of my most favorite holidays. Every year I dress up as a pilgrim and prepare the dinner- I love cooking the food just as much as I love eating it. But most importantly, I love the special time I get to spend with my family. For me, Thanksgiving is all about family. It seems like every year commercialism is pushing Thanksgiving to the sidelines to make way for the Christmas shopping season. Or should I say holiday shopping season, since it is now not politically correct to say Christmas... A few years ago, black Friday meant waking up early at 5 or 6AM on the day after Thanksgiving to get some early Christmas shopping done. But now Black Friday has slowly been creeping closer to Thanksgiving trying to steal its spotlight. Now Black Friday doesn't even start on the true black Friday. This year, stores will be opening up at 8-9PM and even earlier on Thanksgiving day. Just think about the poor people who have to leave their families early on Thanksgiving and miss out on pumpkin pie because they have to work. I know I am very traditional and conservative, but I think this is just wrong. Can't we just celebrate one holiday at a time without commercialism getting involved??

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