Christmas is such a festive time of the year- especially with all the Christmas carols constantly playing, tasty desserts, and of course Christmas lights strung around everything. However, in my opinion, in recent years the beauty of these Christmas lights has been decreasing due to the push of LED lights. People claim that these lights last longer than traditional lights and are more energy efficient. I believe these LED Christmas lights do not posses the traditional look of regular Christmas lights. For example, Colored LED Christmas lights have a majority of blue and green lights which seem very cold and neon. Traditional colored Christmas lights, on the other hand, contain many colors like red, pink, blue, green, yellow, and orange. These lights have a bright, warm feeling to them which put everyone into the Christmas spirit! Even the so-called white LED Christmas lights are more like silvery-blue and are very cold looking. These LED lights are not only a problem during the holidays, but they are also a problem all year round. Even the government is trying to push consumers to buy LED energy efficient light bulbs... Who are they to tell me what light bulbs to buy. It's bad enough they are trying to control what we eat. Again, these light bulbs give off a cold- blue light which gives a room a very industrial feeling. I saw a recent commercial that was advertising these new Reveal light bulbs. They claim these light bulbs look like natural sunlight. Why would you want your house to be illuminated by the high-noon sun at seven in the evening?? I think the warm glow of a traditional light bulb turns a house into a cozy and familiar home.

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