No no no! It is definitely not easy for me to adapt to change. I think I am a traditionalist kind of person and I like things to remain how they are and how they have been forever. My family has a lot of traditions especially for holidays. It is really hard for me not being able to do some of these special  traditions that we have been doing ever since I can remember because my brothers and I are growing older and finding time to do them in our busy schedules is becoming more difficult. I do not like things to change and I try to keep them the same way as much as possible. For example, every single Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember I dress up as a pilgrim and help my mom cook Thanksgiving dinner. This tradition has not changed yet and hopefully it never will. When I have my own family, I hope that this tradition continues.  Change is very hard for me to adapt to and it usually takes some time for me. But I know that when things change there is room for more traditions to be made. 

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