A majority of products and goods we buy and use every single day come from other nations like China and India. Many of our Jobs have been outsourced to these nations and this contributes to some of the economic problems our country is facing. Our unemployment is still high and many people have just given up looking for work and rely on our government to take care of them now. This means that other hard working Americans are providing not only for their own families but also the families of people who have stopped working as well.  At a time like this, we need to be supporting the few companies and factories that still operate and employ in the United States.  I believe it is important to support American companies and factories by buying American made products as much as possible. This past weekend, my mom and I were at the store looking for cheap picture frames. We came across one that was around 3 dollars. Then we found another one that was made in the USA. However, this one cost around 3.50- 4 dollars. Even though American made products sometimes cost a bit more I believe it it worth it. 

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